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WAX CALL- 3/15/2019

Wax CallWAX CALL-  We’re getting into a freeze/thaw cycle with below zero nights warming up during the day.  This means Red’s mixing in LF8, HF8, or Race Mix in the morning, then for the second run higher fluoro overlays.  If moisture starts to perk from the snow, consider rubbing on some Dominator Butter.  Good luck racers!

Introducing Suspension Rebuilding

Suspension WorksIntroducing MTB Bike Suspension Repair!  Drop us a line for a quote or swing by the shop.  We can tackle just about all forks, rear suspention, and droppers from the last 10 years or newer.  Check it out here!


Skiing Magazine "What do most skiers say when they arrive at the Start Haus for their boot appointment? "Hey man, where are your boots?" Oh, there are plenty of boots - they just aren't on display. The fact that there is no traditional boot wall in this race-focused bootfitting operation highlights the Start Haus philosophy that the boot-buying and bootfitting experience should be entirely athlete-based. Everything starts with an initial assessment of both the athlete's performance needs and a close evaluation of their foot, lower leg and biomechanical range of motion that determine which boots will be considered for try-on." - Skiing Magazine (See More Reviews Here)

 Boot Fitting & Ski Service

About Us At Start Haus, we're known for our boot fitting and ski service. Sought out by World Cup racers and weekend warriors alike, we offer the best service available. Because our services are in high demand, we strongly recommend calling ahead and making an appointment for boot fitting at (530) 582-5781. Don't worry - it's worth it. If you've never worked with one of our bootfitters, you're in for a treat - the best fitting, highest performance, most comfortable ski boots you've ever worn. And our tuners are ready to give your skis the full treatment - whether you're an elite racer or just out to have fun. So give us a call and swing by to see what we can do for you.