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Truckee Ski & Bike Tuning - Boot Service

We service all types of skis, including nordic, as well as snowboards. Please use this page as guideline for our services and pricing. All pricing is subject to change.

     New Ski Preparation               Binding Mount
Ski Binding Mount Service


Start Haus preps your skis with the same care and attention to detail you would receive from a serviceman on the World Cup level.

Our stonegrinds are performed with the finest race specific stone grinder from Wintersteiger, the Sigma RS350. The RS stands for Racing Service. The variables and control of this machine provide the fastest and most repeatable grinds around.

Hand Prep Set base bevel & polish, sidewall shaping & polish, set side edge bevel and polish, hot scrape to clean base, wax, scrape, brush and buff. $60
Stone Grind Bases flattened. Specific patterns set for different conditions and snow temps. Includes very minor base repair. $45
Hot Box Cycle Bases are hot scrapped, then baked in our custom hot boxes at temperatures specific to applied wax. $35 per cycle
Race Wax Wax provided from Dominator, Holmenkol, Toko and Swix. Picked for the temperature and conditions. Overlays included. $30
Hot Wax Hot scrape to clean bases followed by a high quality Hydrocarbon iron wax. Skis are then scraped and brushed at your discretion. $20

Boot Fitting

We strongly recommend making an appointment by phone for any boot fitting work, especially during the busy seasons of fall, winter and spring.
Custom Footbeds Handmade for your feet's unique needs. A custom footbed is one of the first steps to the getting the perfect boot fit, maximum performance and superior comfort. $200
Boot Canting We measure your ski stance and adjust the angles of your boot soles to insure a neutral skiing position. Please contact the shop to setup an appointment if you know you will need this service. $195
Boot Punching Per individual or punch, includes followup work on those particular punches. $30
Boot Grinding Per individual or grind, includes followup work on those particular grinds. $20
Custom Liner Mold For a Foam Injected Liner or Zipfit liner not purchased at the Start Haus. $100
Custom Liner Mold For Intuition Liners not purchased at the Start Haus. $75

Bike Service and Tunes- For Full Service Suspension Rebuilding, Click HERE

Deluxe Tune Includes brake adjustment of the front and rear, derailleur adjustments, truing of wheels, lubrication of chains and cables, tightening of all bolts and hardware, drivetrain cleaning, and bearing adjustment.  Parts are extra.


Tire/ Tube Replace the tire and/or tube for most bikes. 


Cassette Install or remove a cassette. $10
Cleats Install or remove cleats on shoes. $15
Computer Install and configure bike computer. Hourly*
Derailleur Adjust and tune derailleur. $15
Brakes Adjust and tune brakes (per brake). $15
Brake Bleed Bleed and fill hydraulic brakes (per brake). $25
Wheel Build Building a fresh set of wheels for your bike (parts extra, service per wheel). $60-$80
Fork Overhaul Overhaul of all seals and air/ or fluid. $70
Rear Shock Replacement of air seal on rear shock. $25
Tubeless Conversion Convert your tubes to a tubeless setup (per wheel). $20
Spokes Replacement of worn or bent spokes. $20-$40
Wheel Truing Get your wheels straight! $15-$30
Carbon Repair Repairs on carbon frames and components. Hourly*
New Bike Build For bikes purchased elsewhere. Hourly*
Labor* For all hourly rates. $90/ hour