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Ready to Race: Waxing Race Skis & Waxcall – Video

As we gear up for another ski racing season, now is a great time to brush up on some of the basics – wax selection for race conditions and how to use the Start Haus #Waxcall when waxing your race skis.


First up, Jim walks us through all the waxes, overlays, additives & more, explaining what conditions each is for:

Next up, Jim shows you how to take a typical #Waxcall and use it when waxing your race skis:

Follow these tips, and stay up to date with our #Waxcalls throughout the winter so your skis are ready for the best performance in current snow conditions.

Find all the ski tuning tools and ski wax you need at Start Haus.

Sizing Race Skis for Junior Ski Racers

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently on how to properly size junior race skis – both gs and sl – for junior ski racers, so we put together this video guide to help out:

If you’re trying to decide from home, use a measuring tape to hit those heights to figure out the closest ski length for your young racer. Still having trouble? Swing by the shop, give us a call or shoot us an email and our experts will advise.

The List: 11 Items your Junior Racer Needs


We wanted to put something together for you, to help you figure out what you or your junior racer needs when getting ready for the season. Swing by the shop, call, email or Live Chat to get more details on your specific needs for your age group, events, ability level, etc – our experts are here to help!

Start Haus Ski News – April 5

Welcome to the Start Haus’ Tahoe Ski News blog! Find out about our latest ski sales and deals, what’s going on in Tahoe ski racing, what the wax calls are for the weekend, and more.

Some of our favorite POC pros hanging out at the Start Haus (Forrest Peterson, Marco Sullivan, Travis Ganong and Bryce Bennett).

Send your race, ski event or results to website@starthaus.com. with the headline: Tahoe Ski News to get them listed here each week.

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Wintersteiger Micro NC – the best ski grind available

The Start Haus is known as one of the best ski shops in the country,  with numerous awards, accolades and some of the world’s top skiers relying on us to work on their skis and ski boots.

One of the tools that makes our shop on of the best in the country is the Wintersteiger Micro NC grinder – the only one publicly available in North America!

The Wintersteiger Micro NC can create patterns and structures in the base of a ski no other ski grinder can.

An example of one of the unique grinds the Wintersteiger Micro NC can create.

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Travis’s Summer Training Blog

View from Kitzbuhel start hutThis photo gives me motivation to get in the gym! (Looking out of the start hut at Kitzbuhel)

Ski season is officially over, and for many ski racers like myself, vacation season (time off) is also sadly winding to and end.  This only means one thing; it is time to get back in the gym and start getting strong again for next ski season!  Being on the US Ski Team for the last 7 years, I have learned a lot about how important it is to be strong in order to push the limits in our sport and in order to prevent injuries.  Injury prevention might actually be the most important thing.  The stronger, fitter, and more flexible I am, the faster I am able to bounce back from a crash.  In the last training run at Kitzbuhel this year I crashed on the bottom side hill, and bruised myself up pretty good, but since I had worked the entire summer before on getting strong and on my flexibility, I was about to bounce back and have the best race of my career the very next day getting 12th!   I cannot stress enough how important it is to get fit and strong being a ski racer.

Travis Ganong crash at Kitzbuhel

 That’s me about to crash at Kitz!

Over the next 10 weeks I will be sharing a few of my workouts on this blog.  All of my workouts are specifically programmed from my trainer at the US Ski Team, and are designed for my strengths and weaknesses, but feel free to try out a few workouts yourself.

Week 1

I have exactly 172 days until my first World Cup Race of the season at Lake Louise.  That gives me 172 days to get stronger before next ski season.  The main point that I want to make for this first blog is that it is very important to start your training slowly.  There is plenty of time this summer to get strong.

So to start things off I really want to concentrate on my core and my cardio.  The stronger I can build up these systems, the harder I will be able to work out later in the summer when I start doing the harder heavier lifting!

Here is my cardio and core workout from Wednesday this week!

Travis hiking at MammothHiking for a threshold workout near Mammoth after skiing!

(P.S. The second exercise is meant to strengthen my patella tendon and I do it twice a day every day so it is also in my workouts)


Bike 15mins A1
2 x 20mins at Threshold (if no pain) with 10mins A1
Bike 15mins A1

For this workout I usually go and find a nice steep trail or a ski run to run/hike up for the 20 minute effort followed by a slow walk back down the hill between the two sets.  Or You can go on a nice hike and hike very slow for the A1 and jog slowly uphill for the Threshold session! (A1 means that your heart rate is between 130bpm and 145bmp. Threshold means that you work hard with a heart rate between 165 and 175 beats per minute)

Core Workout

1. Single Leg Eccentric Decline Squats 10186

Very slowly lower down with one leg on a 15-20% decline. Stand back up with two legs. This exercise is designed to reduce tendon pain but must be done at a pain level lower than 3/10. 3×15 Twice a Day.

2. Prone stabilization.  3 sets of 65 seconds

3. Single Leg Lowers.  (Laying on your back lower one leg at a time slowy and then bring it back up.  Do 3 sets of 12 each side)

4. SB roll out stabilization.  Start in a squat possition and slowly roll out on your forearms on the swiss ball. Control your movement and roll back into the squat.  3 sets of 8 reps.

5. Hanging hip flexion. Hanging on a pull up bar lift your knees to your chest. Knees Tucked!

6. Back Extension Hold.  You can do this on a swiss ball as well.  Hold this position for 4 sets of 35 seconds

7. Prone hip extension. Hold your legs up for 3 sets of 30 seconds.  You can do this laying and holding onto a bench as well!

8. Side Hold in Glute Ham (hands across chest).  You can do this one on a swiss ball.  Hold a side plank.  3 sets of 35 seconds

9. Side lying stabilization. Three sets of 35 seconds.  Hold yourself up through your shoulder on your forearm.

10. Dumbell Side Hold.  I use a 90lb barbell.  The core workout is standing tall and resisting the weight pulling your to one side.  2 sets of 30 seconds.

11. Supine spine rotation. I like to call these windshield wipers.  3 sets of 10 reps.

12. BB rotation. Using a bar from a squat rack find a corner to put the base into.  Then keeping your core contracted go side to side for three sets of 6 each side.

13. Woodchop (no rotation) .  Using a cable machine attach a rope to the end of it.  Then keeping your shoulders square, pull the cable from low to high in a straight line and then extend your inside hand up. Repeat for 3 sets of 6!

And that’s it! You are done! I like to finish each workout with a good meal or a smoothie and my body always feels better after doing a cold bath in one of our nice rivers or lakes!

Race Ski Testing 101

Spring is the time of the season that we begin testing skis and boots for the following season. Here are some key reasons why we stress testing now opposed to the summer time:

Snow: When testing products you should test it on a condition that is most similar to what you will be racing on during the season.  This all revolves around the feel of the ski or boot.  Depending on the condition you will find that there can be differences that will/can eventually add up to a time difference in the course and that can be the separation between you winning or losing.

Tune:  Having the ability to test multiple different brands of products with the exact same Start Haus tune.  This will result in you being eliminate the tune as being a variable in the test and making it easier for you to feel exactly how the ski feels.

Product:  Ultimately you are testing skis or boots to see if you are faster than other brands.  When you have the ability to test multiple different skis or boots in one day you are easily able to determine the differences between brands.  This is easy because the snow conditions are the same, tune is the same and now the only differences will be product.

These three key elements are all necessary components to an effective test and deciding which brand is the best performing ski or boot for the athlete.

Ski camps will be taking place over the next few weekends through the Squaw Valley Race Program and Sugar Bow Ski Team; both camps will be open to all other programs as well. If you have any inquiries regarding these camps please contact Start Haus at 530.582.5781 or comment here and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.

Wax Call for Sugar Bowl GS 4-15-12

For Tahoe spring races, there are some consistent tricks for speed.  Our Spring snow changes from 1st run to second run; and there is dirt, oil, tree sap as well as pollen mixed into the snow.  We are also dealing with some dusting’s of new snow.  You will need to use some form of antistat to keep the dirt, oil and tree sap from adhering to your wax mix. Graphite plays a key role in the performance of your antistat thus why we also carry high fluoro graphite to use as an additive to any base wax.  The best is Start Haus Warm Antistat by Dominator or Dominator FG88 or SRB32.  These should be rubbed on the dry base before you iron your wax in.  It is also effective to mix these antistats with your overlay to help repel dirt.


  • Dominator – Race Zoom Old Snow/SRB32 or HF Pink/SRB32 50/50 Mix
  • Holmenkol – Hybrid Red/SRB32 50/50 Mix
  • Swix – LF8/SRB32 50/50 Mix
  • Toko – LF Red/SRB32 50/50 Mix
  • Note: Dominator SRB32= Start Haus Warm Old Snow


  • Holmenkol – Wet Speed Block
  • Swix – Turbo Block Wet
  • Toko – Red HelX or Jet Stream Red

Remember to brush out and re-apply antistat in between runs!!!