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Stand Up Paddleboard Sale

It’s that time of year, time for serious savings on stand up paddleboards! We have all our boards discounted 10 to 20 percent, which adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

You can get a board, paddle, leash and fin all for just $559 with the Boardworks Jetty, or save on race paddleboards, inflatable paddleboards or surf paddleboards, whatever you’re looking for to get out on the water.

Our demo paddleboard fleet is also on sale for even deeper discounts, swing by the Start Haus to see what’s available.

And while you’re in most of our summer clothing is up to 40% off, so stock up on board shorts, bikinis, rash guards and more for Tahoe’s Indian Summer and beyond.


Final Free Fun Paddleboard Race this Friday!

Don’t miss out on the last Free Fun Paddleboard Race this Friday! Come on down to the Donner Lake West End Beach starting at 5 p.m. to check out our demo boards for free, then join in on a fun race starting at 6 p.m.

We’ll be raffling off a lot of great stuff too – with clothing, paddling gear and two grand prizes – a Nordica Vagabond Blem ski and a 3G Cruiser Bike!

Here’s a video of the first Free Fun Paddleboard Race of the season:

It’s a great way to try out new boards, check out paddleboarding and get your feet wet in SUP racing in a fun, friendly environment that’s not overly competitive.

On Saturday after the final race our demo paddleboards will go on sale. These are in high demand and will be at low prices, so they’re going to go fast – don’t miss out!

Infinity Slater Trout Cutthroat Paddleboard Review (Video)

The Infinity Slater Trout Cutthroat Stand Up Paddle Board is a high performance pro model for Slater Trout, perfect for racing with a stripped down, no-nonsense design.

Both very fast and with a lot of glide, this is a super fun board. Slater ranked top 10 in Battle of the Paddle, and podiumed in races around the world, including a few first places on this exact paddleboard.

A displacement entry nose and a concave exit tail makes for a really quite, smooth ride in flat water, and the narrow design keeps your paddle closer to your body for more efficient paddling and maximum power.

Swing by the shop to check the board out, take out a demo, or learn more online here.

Boga Tiburon Review – Video

The Boga Tiburon has been one of our most popular paddlboards, blending speed, lightweight and stability, great for lighter paddlers.

At only 25 pounds, its easy to get to and from the water, and at 11 feet in length, its not unwieldy either. Once you’re on the water, it’s displacement hull shape glides smoothly and quickly through the water, great for racing and touring.

At 30 inches wide, it’s nice and stable too. Bungees on the front make it easy to stash gear for the day on the water.

Boga’s construction is top-notch and they’re beautiful looking boards that are built to last. If you’re around 160 lbs or under, we can’t recommend it highly enough. Check one out at the store today, take out our demo or read more here.

Boardworks Sirena Paddleboard Review (Video)

The Boardworks Sirena is a women’s do-it-all stand up paddleboard that’s got a displacement hull and a stable build, perfect for paddling with the family, touring and even a little racing or SUP Yoga.

See what Jared has to say here:

Displacement hull boards like this (pointy tip) as apposed to a surf shape board, hold a line better, glide farther for each paddle stroke and are generally faster, making them great for lakes and flatter water.

The thick rails give it tons of stability so you won’t feel tippy, even if you’ve got gear strapped to the nose, or even a dog or child.

It’s the little things that make the difference sometimes, and the pop-out handle on this board makes it so much easier to carry, combined with lightweight construction, you don’t have to struggle getting this board to or from the water.

Swing by the shop and take out our demo, or learn more here.

Boardworks Raven Paddleboard Review (Video)

The Boardworks Raven Paddleboard has been one of the our best sellers over the last two summers, for good reason – it’s quick, stable and versatile, perfect for anything from casual paddling and learning to racing or long touring.

One of Jared’s favorites, the thick rails make it really stable for carrying an extra family member – child or canine, and bungee straps let you store gear for a day on the water.

The displacement hull (pointy nose, as apposed to a surfboard shape) helps it track straight and glide farther for each stroke of the paddle, making it fast and efficient, great for covering distances or taking on the occasional Free Fun Paddleboard Race.

We have one available for demo, so swing by the shop and check it out before you buy, or learn more here.

Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP Review

We give a lot of attention to race and touring style stand up paddleboards with our weekly Friday Night Free Fun Paddleboard Races, but another type of SUP we really like is the inflatable, and one of the best has to be the Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable.

Most people give us a weird look when we start talking about inflatable boards – “an inflatable board? that sounds really stiff…” but the truth is, through various sorcery and high tech construction techniques, these boards perform and paddle great.

You inflate the deck and the rails separately, and with no more than 14 PSI, it was surprisingly quick to inflate.

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How To Video: Getting On & Off Your Paddleboard

In this week’s video, stand up paddlboard expert Jared shows us how to get started on your board, making standing up and getting off easier:

Practicing this technique will help you feel more stable and confident while paddlboarding. Questions? Call us, email us at or drop by the shop.