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Bike Consignment Sale- Bring us Your Used Bikes!

Its time to start thinking about trading in that old bike for a new whip! Bring us your used bike to sell at our 3rd annual Memorial Weekend Bike Consignment Sale!

You choose either 80% store credit to spend on anything in the shop, or choose 100% credit toward a new bike!

Accepting bikes now – whether its a DH, mountain bike, roadie, or a cruiser – dust it off and bring it by the shop. We’ll help you check it in, price it, and we’ll store it for you until the sale.

Sale happens Memorial Weekend, May 25th through 28th!

Miracle March Update- Still Have Great Skis on Sale!

Winter is holding steady in Tahoe, with 12+ feet of new snow so far in “Miracle March” and resorts are extending their seasons. Start Haus in Truckee’s winter blow out sale is still going on as well, with sweet deals on-top-of-the-line skis. Here are some that you could still snag:


Dynastar Legend Women’s X84 We get it, life is busy and when you can hit the slopes, you want to grab a reliable ski and go. For “one-quiver” skiers, the Legend X84 is an all mountain ski that can cover all terrain with confidence. The X84 is made with Dynastar’s newest Powerdrive Free construction, delivering great response, power and control. Touted as a comfortable ski with great response, Dynastar’s Legend X84 has the torsional stiffness and edge grip needed for high performance on firm snow and is also very versatile with its 5-point sidecut and tip and tail rocker. The X84 has a full wood core with 100% fiber sandwich construction and ABS sidewall to drive energy more efficiently to the edge of the ski for increased edge grip and dynamic ski control.  On sale for $359.97!


Atomic Vantage 85– If you’re looking for a zippy, all-mountain ski for ripping on groomers and an occasional dip into the park, the Atomic Vantage 85 is your ski. The narrowest ski in Atomic’s All Mountain collection, this ski does a little bit of everything. It is lightweight with great edge hold and a flatter tail and more directional shape than Vantage skis in previous years. Its healthy rocker in the tip and tail allows lightning fast turns and effortless lines. The Vantage 85 features extra thick sidewall blocks to suppress vibration and transmit power and hardened steel edges for a strong edge grip.  On sale for $239.99!


Head Monster 88– The Monster 88 is a ski for all-mountain skiers who love to charge. Stiff and performance oriented, the Monster 88 rewards skiers who push it, providing unparalleled stability for deeply carving into powerful arcs at top speed. Described as “a beast,” the Monster 88 boasts an old school design of metal-reinforced wood. If you’re an advanced skier looking for a beefy, edgy hard charger built for speed, this is your ski.  On sale for $419!

With fresh snow, spring skiing in Tahoe is going to be all-time this year. Stop into Start Haus to check out the great deals on these skis and more performance skis and winter gear.

See a pair of skis or a helmet you like? Try the code SKI40NOW during checkout!

Völkl Early Releases! 2019 Mantra M5 and Women’s Secret

Tahoe’s “Miracle March” has skiers celebrating and calling in sick to work. Start Haus got another great score in March – an early release of the new version of Volkl’s iconic ski, the M5 Mantra and the women’s 2019 Völkl Secret.

The Mantra has been an innovative leader in all mountain skis since it first hit shops in 2005, earning a loyal following that has held strong for more than a dozen years among competition that rushed to add metal to their all mountain skis. The Mantra’s composition of Titanial sandwiching with a solid wood core inspired a whole new segment of 90-100mm waist width category skis.

But with the M5 (named for the 5th generation of the Mantra), Volkl is raising the bar again by heavily modifying the first layer of Titanal, resulting in a lighter ski with the same Mantra chargeability. The M5 brings back the traditional camber underfoot, with a rocker/camber/rocker profile. There is a full sheet of Titanal underneath the wood core, but the first layer only has Titanal in U-shaped forks in the tip and tail, which Völkl calls the Titanal Frame. They also decreased the waist width from 100 to 96 and gave it a shorter turn radius (19.8m radius in the 177cm length). Völkl engineers also added carbon in the tip of the shovel, adding rigidity and sharpness turn to turn.

The Mantra M5 and the narrower Secret (the women’s version that replaces the Aura) still have a full sidewall and sandwich construction, providing Völkl’s signature stability. The skis are available in the same lengths, ranging from 170 cm up to 191 cm.

Early testers have nothing but love for the Mantra M5. According to SKI Magazine, “The Mantra M5 provides an unmatched combination of stability, smoothness and, more so than ever before, liveliness that made it incredibly fun to ski in all types of snow conditions.”

Swing by the shop to check them out!


New Gear Alert! Salomon to Reinvent BC

Salomon Shift – Shaking Up Backcountry Bindings

For a long time now, backcountry skiers had a fundamental choice to make: the lightest, most efficient binding design for going uphill, or the best performing, safest for going downhill.

Tech bindings, pioneered by Dynafit, are light and efficient, using toe pins to rotate with each stride in the skin track. Frame bindings, like Marker’s venerable Duke, skied like a real alpine binding but are heavy, and stay attached to your foot while in walk mode, meaning you lift the binding with each stride.

Salomon’s new S/Lab Shift binding, available at Start Haus next fall, promises to deliver the best of both worlds for the first time. Sure, the Marker Kingpin gave the touring function of a tech toe and the skiing prowess of a alpine heal, but the S/Lab takes it a step farther, giving alpine toe piece performance to complete the package.

Basically, a new mechanism lets you seamlessly swap between a tech toe and an alpine toe while on the hill. It’s easier to see than to explain:

What does this mean? It means you get the most efficient binding while touring, and the safest, highest performance setup on the descent. Beyond the backcountry, this becomes a serious option for those who want one ski/binding setup for both the resort and out of bounds.

The details:

  • DIN: 6-13
  • Elastic travel: 47mm (same as the gold standard alpine binding STH2)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg per pair (3.74 lbs)
  • Brakes: 90-120mm in 10mm increments
  • Climbing aids: 2 and 10 degrees

We anticipate these flying off the shelves this fall, so sign up for our email list to be the first to know when they arrive!

Spring Sales NOW

With these conditions, Spring sales are rolling out early!  These deals are too hot to post online, so swing by the shop and check it out!  Select helmets, skis, race skis, and speed suits- up to 25% OFF!

Sale ends when it ends.  Give us a call for a quote and we can set up a coupon to use online!  Don’t miss out- the selection is good, and the sale starts now!

Introducing Suspension Rebuilding!

Suspension Works at Start Haus

Here at Start Haus we’ve assembled some of the most knowledgeable and experienced mechanics in Northern California. With a range of disciplines and specialties, there is nothing that our bike crew can’t do.  We’ve invested thousands of dollars in tooling to increase our capability to perform both air and damper service on front and rear suspension.

So what makes our rebuilds different? We’re not just going to drop your lowers and throw on some new dust seals.  We fully disassemble your equipment, replace all seals, recharge the nitrogen when applicable, and reassemble to factory specs.  We’re an authorized Fox, RockShox and Giant dealer and use original equipment parts and fluids whenever possible. This is a complete service, just like what the manufacturer would do.

We offer full service rebuilds on just about all Fox, Rockshox rear shocks and forks, plus many brands of dropper posts.  Save money with a rebuild and with any luck you gear will perform better that it did when new.

Forks- Full service rebuilds on most forks $80-150
Shocks- Full service rebuilds on most shocks $50-150
Droppers- Full service rebuilds on most droppers $90-125

Learn what we can do for you.  Give us a call at 530-582-5781 or drop us a line for a quote here.

Tahoe’s January Winter Storms

Winter storm warning? More like a winter storm welcome – Tahoe’s storm door is open. Come into Start Haus in Truckee and get your gear dialed. Tahoe is welcoming our first winter storm of 2018, broken up in 3 storm fronts expected through Thursday, January 25. Overnight snow Thursday to Friday morning brought 10 inches of new snow above 6,500 feet and 2-5 inches at lake level. Squaw Valley and Sugar Bowl reported 10” of snow on the upper mountain through this morning. With afternoon storms, we could get another 1-3 inches by the time this storm front passes through tonight and we’re watching the storm coming in next week which could dump 1-2 feet of snow.

Squaw Valley High Camp

It will be clear by the weekend and cold air will help keep the snow in prime condition. High temperatures on Saturday, January 20 are expected to be only in the 30s at the base and 20s on the upper mountain. Another storm is forecast to move through Sunday night into the day on Monday with low snow levels, potentially adding another 2-4 inches at the top of the resorts and 1-2 inches at lake level.

Another wetter cold system is forecast to come through Wednesday, potentially bringing several inches or up to 2 feet of snow through Thursday! This could make for ideal skiing conditions the weekend of January 27, with a higher pressure system bringing sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures.

Keep doing those snow dances!!!

POC: Protect Yourself on the Slopes

Protect Yourself on the Slopes: POC SPIN Helmets, Clarity Lenses & POC Layer at Start Haus

Can you believe that ski helmets have only been widely used for less than a decade? Ski helmets were first required for downhill ski racing right here in Tahoe at the 1960 Olympics at Squaw Valley U.S.A., following the death of Canadian downhiller John Semmelink at Garmisch in 1959. Then it took more than three decades and the deaths of Michael Kennedy, Sonny Bono and Natalia Richardson from head trauma before ski helmets started becoming mainstream on the slopes in 2010. Ski helmets have evolved incredibly in design and protection since their start in leather then repurposed moto sports helmets. POC has emerged as a leader in the field for innovation and safety for gravity sports. Start Haus in Truckee, California carries POC SPIN helmets, Clarity goggles and POC Layer with innovative technology that deliver a distinct edge in safety, winning top SIA awards for 2017-2018.


S.P.I.N. Tech may sound familiar – used by Marvel’s heroes in The Avengers, S.P.I.N. (Super-Power-Inhibiting Nanobots) Technology removed super powers from their enemies. In reality, POC’s SPIN technology was developed by scientists and engineers to counter the effects of oblique impacts on the brain for ski racers and everyone who gets after it on the slopes (SPIN: Shear Panel INside).

The most common type of fall results in an angled, or oblique, impact with a surface which can lead to a rotation of the helmet and head. The force required to cause serious head injury is much lower from an oblique impact than from a linear impact, so improving protection against angled falls is vital. SPIN pads are constructed to be able to shear in any direction under any force, so they work to enhance protection of the brain by allowing the helmet to move relative to the head upon impact.

POC has incorporated SPIN pads into 5 different existing helmet models, providing an extra layer of protection without altering the fit and comfort of their helmets. The pads sit directly against the wearer’s head, replacing traditional foam pads.




The POC Artic SL SPIN helmet features a breakthrough design specifically for slalom racers. The Artic SL SPIN features the unique detachable and adjustable Maxilla break away chin guard, which can be fixed or set to break away at varying impact levels, designed to minimize any potential injury to the neck or face.

Artic SL

Artic SL

Clarity Lenses

POC Clarity lenses are another safety innovation for 2017-2018, offering a new level of optical performance for skiers and riders. Developed with industry leaders Zeiss Vision Sunlens, these lenses are designed to enhance vision by significantly improving contrast and light in three conditions: sunny, partly sunny and overcast. POC Clarity goggles are designed for all day, all mountain performance and POC Clarity Comp are tuned to meet the needs of competition skiers with light frequency profiles which have been maximized for use in intense short term periods typically associated with ski racing.

Clarity Lens

Clarity Lens


Another innovative and award-winning new product for ski racers is the POC Layer. Protecting your skin may not be something you think about unless you know someone who has come in contact with a sharp edge, but when that happens, it can be catastrophic. From young racers to professionals, when razor sharp ski edges collide with bodies the cuts and abrasions can result in season-ending injuries and lasting pain. POC Layer is designed to be sleek and impenetrable, protecting the skier from lacerations without encumbering movement. (And you just might look more like a super hero in it.)

Layer Base

Layer Base

Resorts are opening in Lake Tahoe, California and we’ve got fresh snow. Stop into Start Haus in Truckee and talk to our expert, friendly staff and check out equipment that can improve your days on the mountain, whether you are racing or shredding with friends and family.

Check out the full selection here.



Kastle FX95 HP In-Stock and in the Game

Product Highlight: Kästle FX95 HP


We’re excited to bring boutique brand Kästle (pronounced “kes-lee”) skis back to Start Haus. Kästle skis have been a leader in the market since 1924, reinvented 11 years ago by a group of professional ski racers, engineers and designers with a desire to build the best skis with the best materials possible.           .

With rave reviews across the industry, the Kästle FX95 HP earned a coveted Gear of the Year Award in 2016 for “Best Alpine Ski” from Outside Magazine, earning a perfect score of 5 for carving and 5 overall – praised as “the most adaptable all-mountain ski.”

An all mountain freeride ski for all terrain performance, the FX95 HP combines ski-ability with extra float. Designed for intermediate skiers to pros, this low camber, dual rise rocker features a camber tip and two titanal sheets for extra stability at high speeds, providing great power at mid-turn. The FX95 HP is the perfect ski to take you through variable terrain on the mountain and from fresh powder to spring corn.

With fresh dusting of snow in Tahoe, it’s time to think about getting your gear dialed. Come into Start Haus and check out the FX95 HP and more top-of-the-line skis in stock!

Kästle FX95 HP Specs


Tip      126 mm

Waist  95 mm

Tail     115 mm



157 cm          14,0 m           1640 g/Ski

165 cm          16,0 m           1810 g/Ski

173 cm          18,0 m           1970 g/Ski

181 cm          20,0 m           2140 g/Ski

189 cm          22,0 m           2310 g/Ski