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Norco Bikes at Start Haus Now!


Start Haus is pleased to announce our partnership with Norco Bicycles! Norco is an innovative Canadian bicycle brand that has been building excellent bikes since 1964. Norco builds everything from urban/townie bikes to some of the meanest and fastest downhill bikes around. They’re best known for their sweet mountain bikes.

Come in and check out the all mountain Sight in both 27.5 and 29” wheel size.

Norco Sight C9.1

Or this enduro beast, the Norco Range, also available in the 27.5 and 29er variety.

Norco Range A7.3

Hungry to hit the Truckee Bike Park? We are excited to announce we have some beautiful Dirt Jumpers from Norco as well! Available in both 26 and 24” wheel sizes the Ryde 26 and 24 come in at the unbelievably low price of $499!

Norco Ryde 24

Along with Giant, Liv, and KHS we feel that Norco is a tremendous addition to the Start Haus bike offering. Come on in today and see what’s new in the bike world or take a test ride. We love to answer all your questions about bikes and gear!

Getting the Most Out of Your Ski Boots

You’ve heard the old refrain, “boots are the most important part of your gear setup.” This is for good reason; a pair of uncomfortable boots can ruin a weekend, an expensive ski holiday, or a whole season. After buying a pair on sale that were too big and a rushed job you finally bit the bullet went to the reputable boot fitter and got yourself a pair of well fitting boots that are snug, relatively comfortable and can take your skiing to the next level. Now you’re thinking “Well now what?”

We’d love to pass on some tips to help you protect that expensive investment and get the absolute most out of your prized ski boots.

 Custom Footbeds

 Custom footbeds are one of the best upgrades you can make to your boots! We all want our houses built on a solid foundation, and you should demand the same with your ski boots. Custom footbeds give you the solid platform that will get your foot in a powerful neutral position creating less foot fatigue throughout the day. At Start Haus we carry Sidas heat molded custom footbeds and have several different options to choose from: Custom Pro Mesh offering a great blend of comfort and performance, to our low volume Custom Race blank which takes up minimal boot real estate and gives great performance!

Liner Upgrades and or Replacements


Various aftermarket liner options

Various aftermarket liner options

Many of our customers ask about a liner upgrade as they are trying on ski boots. Generally at the Start Haus we recommend sticking with the liner that comes with the boot, barring any extreme fit issues or pre-existing conditions. There are several good reasons for this: modern liners are by and large really, really good! In the decade I have been fitting ski boots liners have improved by absolute leaps and bounds. Thanks to advances in laser scanning, CADD software, and injection molding foams “stock” boot liners ski well and fit great.

However, if your boot liner is packed out or if you’re fit isn’t feeling quite right, going to an aftermarket liner can be a wise move. Intuition liners have proven quite popular and boast several upsides. First and foremost, they are light and warm (relative to other liners). Secondly, they offer a custom fit. If you have a boney prominence on the foot an Intuition liner can be an excellent solution! Intuition liners feature a heat-moldable Ultralon foam that conforms to the shape of the foot and the liner offering (generally speaking) a good snug fit without being over the top tight.

Zip Fit liners are both a fit and performance upgrade that will make the boot snugger fitting and much more responsive. In fact, if the fit is too tight, we often struggle to get the Zip Fit liner in the boot at all. One excellent feature of the Zip Fit liner is that it is the only boot liner I know of that one can add material to, so as it packs out over time a boot fitter can simply add more material to it in specific zones to dial in the fit. Due to its snug fit the Zip Fit is often the choice of the expert skier how has a low volume foot that feels as if they can never get a tight enough fit.

Foam liners are the third and final aftermarket liner available from the Start Haus. Foam liners create a tight and uncompromising fit for the skier who doesn’t want their foot going anywhere! Foam is injected into the liner with the athletes foot in the liner and shell and will create a snug and precise fit. The molding process itself is quite intense and the liners take quite a while to pack out. If you’re looking for the snuggest fit possible or are just a foam fanatic from way back the Nordica foam liners we carry are the best in the business!

Canting and Alignment

Jim Schaffner uses a plumb bob to check a client's knee position over the feet. The procedure tells Schaffner whether a skier is knock-kneed or bow-legged.

Jim Schaffner uses a plumb bob to check a client’s knee position over the feet. The procedure tells Schaffner whether a skier is knock-kneed or bow-legged.

 Canting is the relation of the center of the knee to the center of the ski boot. Skiers can be misaligned or out of balance in several ways. As it relates to canting, a skier can be bow legged, knock kneed, or windswept (in on one boot and out on another). None of these are desirable and some are worse than others. Depending on how much correction is needed, canting can either be the best investment you can make in your skiing or just a pleasant upgrade. To properly cant an athlete we would plane the sole of the ski boot, then raise the height by attaching lifters to the soles, and then cut the toe and heel back to the specific height to be DIN compatible.

Start Haus Ski News

Welcome back to our weekly Tahoe Ski News Blog where we keep you in the loop with the latest from Tahoe racing, resort news, the best deals and more.

Send your race, ski event or results to with the headline: Tahoe Ski News to get them listed here each week.

Start Haus skiers Travis Ganong and Daron Rahlves at Kitzbühel:

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Tahoe Backcountry Skiing – Hidden Peak

A cold Sunday morning that promised to turn into a spring-like sunny day meant there was no reason to rush for a dawn patrol on Tahoe’s west shore, so I (Greyson, Start Haus web guy) met up with my buddies Paul and Jan at Homewood at a leisurely 9 a.m.-ish to head down to Hidden Peak.

Looking north from Hidden Peak.


Also known as Bliss Peak, tucked between Jakes and Rubicon just to the north of Emerald Bay, Hidden Peak earns it’s name, tricking you into thinking you’re almost at the top with a false summit. it rises up over 9,000 feet, overlooking both Tahoe to the east and Desolation Wilderness to the west.

I skied my K2 Backcountry Skis with Dynafit Bindings and Dynafit Boots, a great setup for the day.

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Start Haus Ski News

Welcome to another week of our Tahoe Ski News blog post, where we share ski conditions, racing info, ski events, wax calls and ski deals every Friday.

Send your race, ski event or results to with the headline: Tahoe Ski News to get them listed here each week.

Another dusting of cold smoke is on the ground and the skiing continues to be fantastic here in Tahoe – if you’re not here you’re missing out!

We’re excited to be nominated by Skiing Business for Most Knowledgeable Staff, Most Innovative, Best Backshop: Ski Tuning and Best Backshop: Bootfitting! We’ve taken wins in Best Backshop: Ski Tuning, best Backshop: Bootfitting, and Most Knowledgeable Staff in the past, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

In ski racing and competition news, Far West Skiing has Ski Cross coming up at Squaw Valley on January 12-13 and 19-20. U10/U12 Juniors will be racing at Sugar Bowl January 12-13. The Tahoe League Race Series is heading to Auburn Ski Club January 12-13. Far West Masters head to Sierra at Tahoe this weekend as well. At Northstar, the U.S. Revolution Tour brings halfpipe, slopestyle and cross events on January 13-18. USASA Rail Jam and Slopestyle are on tap at Boreal.

Wax calls for this weekend at Sugar Bowl: Holmenkol Beta Mix, Swix CH8, Toko Red, and Dominator Race Zoom.

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Start Haus Custom Ski Waxes

Dominator Wax and the Start Haus have teamed up to create a custom line of ski waxes and ski wax additives that offer the best performance for your skis in a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions.

The Start Haus Ski Wax includes HF Yellow, HF Pink, HC Turquoise, HC White, Warm Old Snow, Cold Old Snow, Warm New Snow and Cold New Snow.

Here’s our in-depth explanation on which waxes are best for you, and why:

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Start Haus Ski News

Happy holidays from the Start Haus crew! We’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas and it looks like we’ve got it! If you haven’t been here before, this is our weekly Tahoe Ski News blog post, where we tell you about ski conditions, racing, events, wax calls and ski deals every Friday.

Jonny Moseley stopped by the shop to get his ski boots worked on this week. Start Haus is where the pros go for the best service.

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