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Bike Consignment Sale- Bring us Your Used Bikes!

Its time to start thinking about trading in that old bike for a new whip! Bring us your used bike to sell at our 3rd annual Memorial Weekend Bike Consignment Sale!

You choose either 80% store credit to spend on anything in the shop, or choose 100% credit toward a new bike!

Accepting bikes now – whether its a DH, mountain bike, roadie, or a cruiser – dust it off and bring it by the shop. We’ll help you check it in, price it, and we’ll store it for you until the sale.

Sale happens Memorial Weekend, May 25th through 28th!

The Classics: TLD A1 & A2 Helmets Reviewed

Troy Lee Designs A1 & A2 Mountain Biking Helmets: Superior Protection and Style

Still have the same bike helmet you bought when you first started riding? With greater awareness of the long-term damaging effects of concussions, bike helmet design has improved industry wide: helmets are no longer designed just to prevent skull fractures. One improvement is Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), a revolutionary technology that lets the helmet slide relative to the head, adding more protection against rotational violence to the brain caused by angled impacts. Troy Lee Designs feels that MIPS is so important to prevent concussions that they no longer make helmets without it. Come into Start Haus in Truckee and check out our full line of bike helmets, including the A1 and A2 helmets by Troy Lee Design.

The Classic A1 by Troy Lee is an aggressive all-mountain half shell helmet that has been a mountain biking industry leader for more than a decade. Known for being the most comfortable helmet on the market, the A1 has a superior liner, providing protection and all day wear ability whatever the terrain. With its race-inspired design, the Troy Lee A1 features a distinctive style, with eye-catching modern design and graphics. The A1 features:

  • Reinforced polycarbonate shell in-molded with the EPS liner extends down the sides and back of the head for maximum protection and durability
  • MIPS brain protection system, reduces rotational forces to the brain
  • Eight pressurized intake passages draw in cool air for maximum ventilation
  • Eight rear vacuum vortex outlets help exhaust and draw heat from head
  • Triple position adjustable retention system allows customized fit for various eyewear, head shape and riding styles
  • Single piece, ultra plush, removable and washable comfort liner made of anti-microbial moisture wicking material for a dry, comfortable feel
  • Full spectrum adjustable moto inspired visor with anodized aluminum hardware

The Troy Lee A2 is new for 2018, building on all the award-winning features of the A1 with added protection and improved ventilation. The A2 is the first helmet in its class to combine EPP (for slow speed impacts) and EPS (for high speed impacts), setting a new benchmark for mountain bike helmets and redefining mountain bike safety, style, comfort, and ventilation. The A2 features:

  • Huge air intakes – 25% larger than A1 – connected to massive exhaust ports through deep internal channels provide powerful cooling efficiency
  • Updated X-Static® pure silver comfort liner with more material for comfort delivers high performance odor protection and quick-dry moisture wicking
  • MIPS brain protection system. reduces rotational forces to the brain
  • Dual-density EPS co-molded with EPP for state-of-the-art impact energy management at low and high crash speeds, and everything in between
  • 16% more EPS+EPP in the frontal lobe and raised EPS splines provide more protection in the common impact zones
  • Aerospace filament-reinforced polycarbonate shell
  • Break-away anodized aluminum visor screws
  • Rear stabilizer fit system with flexible, slimline arms, including 3-position front and rear locations for a custom fit
  • Expanded field of view works with both goggles and glasses
  • Adjustable strap dividers for a perfect fit every time

Stop by Start Haus and talk to our bike experts and check out helmets and more biking gear to enhance your experience on the trails.


2018 Norco Youth Bikes in Stock!

Biking season is right around the corner in Tahoe and going strong in any direction down the hill. The bike side of Start Haus in Truckee is ready to get you out on the trail or road, with knowledgeable bike mechanics and Giant, Liv, and Norco bikes and gear, including kids’ bikes. Getting kids riding early and often sets them up for great riding experiences throughout their lives. Truckee Bike Park is a great place to hone skills and have fun as a family – and it’s free. Just as you care what you ride, the right equipment can make all the difference for getting kids excited to ride.

Norco youth bikes –  from their smallest kids’ run bikes to their 24” full suspension mountain bike – feature lightweight aluminum frames, custom geometry, and kid-specific components, like short stems and wide bars for more stable handling. Ample standover clearance and short chainstays make it possible to fit kids on bikes with larger wheels, helping them roll over bumpy terrain. Norco bikes help build skills and confidence so kids will love riding as much as you do.


Norco Ninja or Mermaid Run Bikes

Run/stride bikes are the best way for toddlers and preschoolers to learn the basics of riding. Unlike tricycles or training wheels, run bikes teach kids balance on two wheels in natural riding position and control with their feet close to the ground. Ever watched a kid tear down a hill on a strider, heavily dragging their feet, terrified that they’re going to crash? Norco run bikes are designed for mountain kids. Their 12” Ninja and Mermaid bikes have hand brakes with small levers and reach adjust to fit small hands, so riders can get used to hand brakes at a younger age. An aluminum quick release clamp allows for easy adjustment of seat height. They feature lightweight aluminum frames with size scaled tubing, carefully fitted with the lightest components for the best overall ride experience.


Norco Samurai 16”

The Samurai 16″ is a freewheel bike equipped with front and rear hand brakes, something you don’t always find on kids’ bikes. (Coaster brakes aren’t acceptable for kids who can rip or for riding at the bike park.) Along with hand brakes, the Samurai is thoughtfully designed with a lightweight aluminum frame, grippy 16-inch tires and quality components. This bike delivers confidence and control for young riders developing their skills and with a comfortable seat and a cool paint job, they’ll want to keep rolling on it all day.


Norco Storm 2.3 and Storm 4.1

Experienced young mountain bikers need the right gear to push them to the next level. Whether it’s mild off-roading to aggressive trail adventures, the Storm will get them excited to get in the saddle. The Storm 2.3 is perfect for hitting the trails and exploring the neighborhood. It features Norco’s new lightweight aluminum frame and 20-inch wheels, with quality components across the board, including Shimano Tourney 6 speed derailleurs and optional disc brakes and suspension fork. The Storm 4.1 is a step up from the Storm 2.3, both in components and size. The 24” Storm 4.1 is ready to rip. The 4.1 features Norco’s lightweight aluminum frame, 24-inch wheels and quality components, including Shimano RevoShift 7-speed derailleurs and disc brakes, with optional suspension fork. The Storm delivers crisp shifting and responsive handling to help your kid get the most from their ride every time.

Come by Start Haus and talk to our expert mechanics and check out our full line of bikes.

Get Your Bike Ready for Summer

Don’t wait until the trails are snow-free and prime to start looking at your mountain bike – now’s the time to get it dialed in for the season.

To get the most out of your bike, there’s a few things you can do at home, and a few you might want to schedule some time with our amazing mechanics for.


First off – check your tires. Do the treads look ok? Are the side knobs undercut? Center treads worn smooth? And if you’re running tubeless (we hope you’re running tubeless) – now’s a great time to open up the bead to see if you still have sealant, or if it’s formed a big snot ball at the bottom of the tire.

If it’s time to replace tires, check out our tire guide here. And if you don’t have the tools to get a tubeless tire off or back on the rim to check sealant, swing by Start Haus.


Quality suspension makes or breaks a good mountain bike – and too many of us neglect these high-tech pieces of our bikes, resulting in degraded performance and diminished lifespans. Fortunately, the Start Haus is fully set up to do a variety of service and rebuilds on a wide range of forks and rear shocks. Click here to find out more.


Got a screw loose? Now’s a good time to check all the bolts on your bike to make sure they’re tightened to proper torque specifications. Drivetrain check: Nothing’s worse than dropping a chain or skipping gears when you’re redlined on a climb. Brakes howling or not quite stopping? Brake pads and hydraulics should be looked at this time of year too.

All three of these things, and a lot more, are covered in a Start Haus deluxe tune, and now is prime time to book an appointment so your bike runs smooth all summer long. And if you’re ready to take the next steps in doing some maintenance at home, Start Haus has a full selection of tools and the experts to get you started.

Event Soon! – Liv Spring Ladies Ride

Let’s dust off winter and kick off spring season with a ladies’ group ride celebrating the warmer days and the bike season ahead! We will meet at the Start Haus and then head together to Nevada City to explore the new and wildly popular Hoot trail. The Hoot trail is a short, smooth, windy, single-track, 1.3 mile descent, followed by a short climb back up on the road. We will plan to do two laps. Those who want to ride more are welcome to stay. This is a fun ride for everyone meant to bring ladies who bike together for a no-pressure day to ride and make new friends who ride. We’ll freshen up on our cornering skills so that we can make the most of this trail.

Where & When:
Meet up at Start Haus 9AM. From there we’ll shuttle and/or carpool to Nevada City. Coffee and pastries available at Start Haus before the trip.

This event is open to women riders at all levels. See you then!

UPDATE: DirtGypsy Adventures will be providing a free shuttle service for the first 14 people to sign up in the shop! That’s 14 bodies and 14 bikes! (Come on in, give us a call at 530-582-5781, or email to

*** Welcome to our Liv Signature Series – a selection of seasonally-inspired rides and community events. Taking place all around the US, Liv Signature Events are designed to celebrate cycling and inspire women to discover new possibilities through welcoming and fun bike rides and informational clinics. Liv Cycling USA #HowWeLiv #LivSpringRevival ***

2018 Norco Sight- In-Stock Now

Norco Sight 29 & 27.5: Two Top Tahoe Bike Contenders

The perfect Tahoe bike is something we can debate until we’re blue in the face – but for a bike that can take on our region’s gnarly terrain just as well as it can head out for an all-day epic on the Tahoe Rim Trail, the new Norco Sight is tough to beat.

Start off by picking the personality you’re looking for –29-inch wheels with great rollover and speed, or 27.5 for a more nimble ride perfect for those who prefer to pop off of little lips and rocks rather than plowing through them.

The 29er gets 130mm of well-controlled travel in the rear, 140mm up front. Enough to mash through the local rock garden, but without slowing you down on the climb. The 27.5 gets a little more with 140mm in back and 150mm in front – great for getting rowdy without dumbing down your favorite flow trail.

But geometry is what really defines the character of these bikes, and the Sight hits all the right angles and measurements on the head. The head tube angle backs off the crazy-slack trend to balance stability and maneuverability, while a steeper seat tube angle puts you in a better climbing position. The chainstays grow in proportion to reach as you go up in size, giving the bike incredible balance.

At Bike Magazine’s recent bike review roundup – the Bible of Bike, the Norco Sight ended up being not one, but two of the testers’ favorite out of a field of more than 30 bikes.

Jonathon Webber wrote: “They simply do everything extremely well, with absolutely no fuss. Set them to 30-percent sag and go ride. They’ll pedal, climb and descend anything you want, but both are most impressive due to their suspension performance on descents.”

And the ladies loved it too, with Lacy Kemp writing: “For the first time in my three-year tenure as a Bible tester, my favorite bike was an easy choice. The Norco Sight 27.5 was the clear winner. I could not stop riding this bike. It felt awesome on everything.”

Check out Bike Magazine’s video review of the 27.5:


And the 29r:


Swing by the Start Haus to throw a leg over the new Norco Sight and see if it’s the perfect Tahoe Bike for you.

Where to Bike All Year

Mountain Biking All Year: You Know You Want To

Ski to Ride.  Wait... Ride to Ski?

Ski to Ride. Wait… Ride to Ski?

Living and playing in Tahoe is all about getting outside. You don’t need fat tires to mountain bike this winter – sweet, tacky singletrack in the foothills is just 45 minutes away. Or head east and get a good ride in, all-you-can-eat sushi, then tackle your Reno errands. For extreme “cross-training” you can double down – ski in the morning and then bike until sunset. Start Haus in Truckee has the gear and expert bike mechanics to help you get out there. Grab your friends and your cooler and head down the hill for the day. Or take advantage of off-season lodging rates and take your posse to ride in the Santa Cruz or Marin.

Nevada City, CA

Just a 45 minute drive west of Truckee you’ll find warmer temps and great trails. You can access three of the trails easily by parking near the Harmony Ridge Market on Hwy 20 and hopping on the Pioneer Trail. The Pioneer Trail is 15.5 miles of flowy trails with rollers and some optional lines with berms and kickers. It’s an intermediate trail you could bring a kid or a beginner on and they’d do fine: the grade is gradual but there are some short technical root patches. Pioneer runs parallel to Hwy 20 and is marked with directional and forestry logo signs. There is also trailhead parking at White Cloud, Equestrian overlook, Skillman, and the Alpha Omega Vista. You can add on a descent from the Pioneer Trail by taking Scotts Flat Lake Trail, starting across the street and east from Harmony Ridge Market. Scotts Flat Lake Trail takes you down to the lake with perfect flow – twisty banked turns, tabletop kickers, and log and rock ride options. The 5.1 miles of singletrack trail is smooth with very few technical sections, but watch out – riders and hikers ascend it for an out and back, or you can follow Scotts Flat Road back up to Hwy 20 for a more gradual loop. Many also combine a Pioneer or Scott’s Flat ride with a lap or three of the Hoot Trail. The Hoot Trail lives up to its name: it has insanely fun and flowy banked switchbacks and optional jumps. But it doesn’t last long, only 1.3 miles of the 4 mile loop is singletrack, the rest is getting there (turn left 1/2 mile east of Harmony Ridge Market on the Pioneer Trail) and then a fire road climb back to the market.


Start Haus master mechanic Gregg Stone on the Hoot Trail

If you’re looking for a long advanced/technical ride, park at the trailhead by Poorman Creek to ride The South Yuba Trail. This trail offers legit, narrow and rocky singletrack winding through thick forest. It’s about 9 miles long and includes steep and rocky grades. There is another portion of The South Yuba Trail from Edwards Crossing to Purdon Crossing that is 4.4 miles of steep, narrow, and technical, offering great views of the South Yuba’s steep canyon.

Auburn, CA


Heather Benson rides the Confluence Trail

About an hour west of Truckee you’ll find a lot more great trails in Auburn. For the popular intermediate rated Foresthill Divide trail, park in the Western Parking Area of Auburn State Recreation Area. Stay to the right at the “T” in the trail for a 4.5 mile singletrack ascent (with a couple of downhills thrown in for fun) that loops back down. Or take a left at the “T” to go directly to the Connector Trail, fast, narrow singletrack that connects with the Culvert Trail – a full out downhill race track with high berms and jumps. The Culvert is meant for advanced riders: be prepared to catch a lot of air. The Connector is also a 7.5 mile link with the Confluence Trail. Although the Confluence starts with fire road, the trail quickly narrows to singletrack. The trail can be narrow in places and with breathtaking views high above the American River. This trail and the Clementine Loop aren’t for beginners or anyone afraid of heights.

Peavine, Reno

About 45 minutes drive east of Truckee is a network of 22.6 miles of 95% singletrack trails in Keystone Canyon Non-Motorized Recreation Area in North Reno, Nevada. You can park at Rancho San Rafael and take the fun, flowy 2.6 mile Rancho Connector Trail to connect with 10 other trails, including The Halo Trail and Crispy Bacon Trail loop with stunning views and a fun descent with some rock obstacles. These are great intermediate trails, but check the wind forecast – if it’s a little bit windy in Reno it will be way too windy at Peavine. Go somewhere else. Also avoid moisture – if it has rained in the past week, don’t go. The soil in Keystone Canyon is red clay. If the mud makes contact with your bike, it will not only ruin your ride; it will ruin your bike. Seriously. If it’s dry otherwise and you see a mud puddle – ride around it. Back to the good – great singletrack and great change-up from forest. You’re 45 minutes from Tahoe and you can experience awesome desert scape and Reno city views. Then grab Pho and still have time to impress your partner by coming home with all of your Home Depot and Costco shopping taken care of.

These are just a few of the nearby trails that are accessible this winter. For more info and to map out your connections, try community supported and also


Introducing Suspension Rebuilding!

Suspension Works at Start Haus

Here at Start Haus we’ve assembled some of the most knowledgeable and experienced mechanics in Northern California. With a range of disciplines and specialties, there is nothing that our bike crew can’t do.  We’ve invested thousands of dollars in tooling to increase our capability to perform both air and damper service on front and rear suspension.

So what makes our rebuilds different? We’re not just going to drop your lowers and throw on some new dust seals.  We fully disassemble your equipment, replace all seals, recharge the nitrogen when applicable, and reassemble to factory specs.  We’re an authorized Fox, RockShox and Giant dealer and use original equipment parts and fluids whenever possible. This is a complete service, just like what the manufacturer would do.

We offer full service rebuilds on just about all Fox, Rockshox rear shocks and forks, plus many brands of dropper posts.  Save money with a rebuild and with any luck you gear will perform better that it did when new.

Forks- Full service rebuilds on most forks $80-150
Shocks- Full service rebuilds on most shocks $50-150
Droppers- Full service rebuilds on most droppers $90-125

Learn what we can do for you.  Give us a call at 530-582-5781 or drop us a line for a quote here.

News- Pinkbike Praises the New Carbon Trance published a new feature on the 2017 Trance Advanced, claiming the modern trail bike with a composite mainframe and 140mm of Maestro suspension “showcases what Giant does best.”

In his review, Pinkbike editor Richard Cunningham talks about the mountain biking culture at Giant USA’s Southern California headquarters, and how that passion helps to create bikes like the Trance Advanced.

You’ll be hard pressed to find fitter or better bike handlers,” Cunningham writes. “Here, where climbs are sustained, the soil is sketchy, and speeds range from switchback survival to eye-watering ridgeline descents, the Trance is their weapon of choice. These are the men and women whose job it is to mix it up with Giant’s pro athletes and develop their next enduro, downhill and cross-country race bikes, so it should come as no surprise that the crew regularly updates their favorite trail bike with lessons learned on the professional racing circuit. So, the Trance Advanced is literally Giant’s personal ride, made available to the public.”

Cunningham details all the latest advancements to this year’s Trance Advanced, including reworked frame geometry and updated Maestro suspension with a new Trunnion mount shock and Advanced Forged Composite upper rocker arm. And he describes how all these features improve its performance on the trail.

“It’s fast, it feels nimble in the turns, it has a certain lightness to it,” Cunningham writes. “At speed, when the Trance’s suspension is pushed to the limits, the bike naturally floats off the backsides of tree-root gnarls, off-angle rocks and undulations in the trail.”

Summing it up, Cunningham writes: “The reason it works so well is that they built it for themselves, to blaze trails, try foolish things, and to chase each other around the backcountry—which happens to be exactly what most of us live for.”