2014 Blizzard Ski Sneak Peak & On The Snow Blizzard Brahma Review

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2014 is already shaping up to be an awesome year for Blizzard Skis, with an expanded line of Freemountain skis.

Our testers Phil (Philpug at EpicSki) and Shane recently got on one of the more exciting new additions, the Blizzard Brahma, for some serious testing at Squaw Valley:

The Blizzard Brahma continues with the success of Blizzard’s Flipcore design, blending the natural rocker-camber-rocker profile and dimensions of the Blizzard Bushwaker with the metal laminate construction of the Blizzard Bonafide to make a versatile all-mountain ski with a firm snow bias.

Some people are already pegging the Brahma as the East Coast (Ice Coast?) version of the Bonafide – and it will excel in the east, but we really like it in Tahoe too.

It’s a little more powerful than the Bonafide, specifically in the tail, but it maintains the versatility off-piste of that rockered profile, so this ski is really perfect for the typical January dry spell in Tahoe, where you want to be able to absolutely rail the groomers, but also want to explore off trail too. It’s great in the bumps, corduroy, crud – really everything except deep powder where you’ll want something wider than 88 mm underfoot.

Some may wonder about both tip and tail rocker on a narrow firm-snow oriented ski – but that’s the great thing about Blizzard’s Flipcore take on rocker – you still get to engage the full edge when you lean it over, but it’s quicker to enter and exit a turn, and easier to butter around in the bumps than a fully cambered carving ski.

The Brahma isn’t the only new ski in the Blizzard line next year. Clem, our Blizzard rep, took us through the Freemountain series recently in this video:

Highlights we’re excited for include the updated women’s Blizzard Dakota, which looses the metal laminate for a lighter, livelier feel, the Blizzard Scout and the Blizzard Peacemaker.

The Blizzard Scout (108 mm underfoot) is like the lovechild of the Blizzard Cochise and the Blizzard Kabookie – it looses the metal laminate to shed some weight for a sidecountry and backcountry capable ski that still has plenty of power at speed.

The Blizzard Peacemaker (104 mm underfoot)  is like a skinnier Blizzard Gunsmoke, twin-tipped, twin rocker in a playful shape and slightly softer flex that will be a great all mountain ski for a lot of western skiers next year, and also a great powder ski option for lighter skiers who don’t need something ultra-wide.

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