Boardworks Sirena Paddleboard Review (Video)

The Boardworks Sirena is a women’s do-it-all stand up paddleboard that’s got a displacement hull and a stable build, perfect for paddling with the family, touring and even a little racing or SUP Yoga.

See what Jared has to say here:

Displacement hull boards like this (pointy tip) as apposed to a surf shape board, hold a line better, glide farther for each paddle stroke and are generally faster, making them great for lakes and flatter water.

The thick rails give it tons of stability so you won’t feel tippy, even if you’ve got gear strapped to the nose, or even a dog or child.

It’s the little things that make the difference sometimes, and the pop-out handle on this board makes it so much easier to carry, combined with lightweight construction, you don’t have to struggle getting this board to or from the water.

Swing by the shop and take out our demo, or learn more here.


Boardworks Raven Paddleboard Review (Video)

The Boardworks Raven Paddleboard has been one of the our best sellers over the last two summers, for good reason – it’s quick, stable and versatile, perfect for anything from casual paddling and learning to racing or long touring.

One of Jared’s favorites, the thick rails make it really stable for carrying an extra family member – child or canine, and bungee straps let you store gear for a day on the water.

The displacement hull (pointy nose, as apposed to a surfboard shape) helps it track straight and glide farther for each stroke of the paddle, making it fast and efficient, great for covering distances or taking on the occasional Free Fun Paddleboard Race.

We have one available for demo, so swing by the shop and check it out before you buy, or learn more here.


Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP Review

We give a lot of attention to race and touring style stand up paddleboards with our weekly Friday Night Free Fun Paddleboard Races, but another type of SUP we really like is the inflatable, and one of the best has to be the Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable.

Most people give us a weird look when we start talking about inflatable boards – “an inflatable board? that sounds really stiff…” but the truth is, through various sorcery and high tech construction techniques, these boards perform and paddle great.

You inflate the deck and the rails separately, and with no more than 14 PSI, it was surprisingly quick to inflate.

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Friday Stoke: Charlie’s MTB Reel

If you haven’t heard, Start Haus is getting into bikes, with plans to be a full service shop in 2015 and 3G Cruisers available now. Charlie, a Start Haus sales & bootfitter, is one of the shop’s avid riders, and he rips:

You can keep up with him and the rest of the Start Haus team on Strava.

We’ve announced our first brand, Giant Bicycles, and we’re asking for your help in answering a quick, 5-question survey about what you’re looking for in a bike shop here.


Cycling Survey – Tell Us What You Think!

Start Haus is excited to get into the bike shop business in 2015 – we’ve been working hard and pedaling hard – doing our homework and hitting the trails – all to insure we bring the same level of expertise, service and selection you’ve come to expect from us in the winter.

You can read more about our plan here, and find out about our first brand partnership, Giant Bicycles, here.

But we need your help too – the Start Haus has always been a customer driven business, and we’d like your input. Please take a few moments to fill out our short 5 question survey here – we really appreciate it.


How To Video: Getting On & Off Your Paddleboard

In this week’s video, stand up paddlboard expert Jared shows us how to get started on your board, making standing up and getting off easier:

Practicing this technique will help you feel more stable and confident while paddlboarding. Questions? Call us, email us at or drop by the shop.


2015 Bike Brand Announcement – Giant Bicycles

In case you missed the big news, the Start Haus is going to be a bike shop in 2015 – read more here. Our promise to you is to bring the same quality equipment, expert knowledge and world-class service that you’ve come to expect from us in the winter.

To that end, we knew our first bike brand was an important decision, and after studying numerous lines extensively, the choice was clear – Giant Bicycles. A number of our employees already ride Giant and rave about them, and their technology, componentry and pricing makes them a no-brainer.

As important to us as the quality of the equipment from a manufacturer is their support – working with us as a shop and you as a customer, standing behind their products and making things right, and Giant has already proven that quality with the Start Haus.

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