Ski Boot Blowout Sale!

So, here is the deal.  Here at Start Haus, we stand by our fit and our guarantee that your feet will be happy in our boots.  That’s why we rarely, if ever, put boots on sale.  Its a distraction.  People begin focusing on the price over the how the shell fits.  They have the right boot on their foot, but they see the one over there has a sale tag on it and they’ll save a few bucks.  “What about that one?” they say.  Well, THAT one is not the right boot for your foot!

So, in short, it causes problems in our little world of perfect fits.  You’ll save money, but you might ski less because your feet hurt.  Well then, damn it, how do we clear out old stock??  We do this: non-returnable boot blowout.  Its half off.  The boots are a few seasons old, yet brand new.  You can save a ton of money here, but buyer beware-  These boots do not come with our guarantee, they do not come with a complementary 2 hour fitting session, and they are not returnable.  Get your feet measured so you at least know your MONDO point size.  And hey, at half off, if they don’t work pass em on down the line!  FaceBook Marketplace, eBay, etc., there is someone out there wanting some simple cheap boots to hit the slopes with.  And of course, we’ll work on these boots by the hour or by the operation. Almost perfect but need a quick shell punch?  Easy- that’s just another $30 bucks.

So have a gander!  Its quite a selection.

The Kore Line Impression

The Head Kore series of skis are the kind of skis that don’t come around every year.
They combine characteristics that we traditionally think of as mutually exclusive.
And they’ve definitely grabbed the attention of Start Haus staff.


Well damped, calm and stable on edge, yet light, playful and quick from edge to edge
– The Head Kore 93, 105 and 117 manage to never be nervous nor lethargic,
responding to skier’s input intuitively and always doing what you want them to do.

The narrowest of the bunch – the Head Kore 93, rails on groomers and even
punches through the crud in a way a ski this light has no business doing. It may
sound like hyperbole, but a unique construction combining karuba wood, Koroyd
(think Smith helmets) and a layer of carbon infused with Graphene all add up to a
structure that does the job of traditional metal laminates, minus 200 grams per ski.

The Head Kore 105 snagged Powder Magazine’s ski of the Year last year, and it’s
really a perfect all-rounder for the Tahoe area. Balancing firm-snow performance,
poise in tough, variable snow and float in the soft stuff, many are mounting this ski
up with AT bindings and heading into the backcountry too.

Normally 110+ millimeter skis are relegated to soft-snow only, but the Kore line’s
versatility shows up once again with the Head Kore 117. It may not be an everyday
ski like the 105 or even 93, but it’s the kind of fat powder ski that doesn’t make you
want to run back to the car after things start to get tracked out in the morning – it’ll
go all day. Often skis this wide and this stable are heavy chargers that need some
seriously strong legs and talented skiers, but the Kore’s unique construction means
this is a ski that won’t beat you up as fatigue sets in.

All-in, the Head Kore line is truly impressive, swing by Start Haus and speak
with one of our salespeople if you’re interested in learning more!

The New Wintersteiger OMEGA Machine

The New Wintersteiger Omega – What it Does for You

A quality grind is a critical part of a good ski tune, and with the addition of a Wintersteiger Omega, Start Haus continues to offer cutting edge options for ski tuning, whether you’re a racer or recreational skier.

Why is the Omega better?

First – it has the ability to grind separate patterns for the sides, or margins, of the ski.

On the ski, that means Start Haus can set one pattern down the middle – say an aggressive pattern designed to move water, making for a faster ski on warm, wet snow. But where a traditional grind would put that pattern right out to the edge, where it can be grabby when making turns – the Omega can give you two smooth margins down the sides of the ski.

With margins

Standard thumbprint pattern

That makes for quicker, smoother turn initiation and release without grabbing – giving your ski a sportier, more playful feel.

For racers, quick turn initiation without grab saves speed and momentum too.

Beyond the ability to create margins on the ski – the Omega just gives a better grind overall. Smoother, more precise – it all adds up to a faster, better feeling ski.

A grind on the Omega costs $70, compared to a standard grind at $45 – but when you’re looking for the best, the Omega delivers. Give it a try next time you bring your skis in for a tune and wax, you won’t be disappointed.



Tune Clinic Schedule

Join us for our much sought after winter tune clinic series!  We’ll cover an array of topics to help you keep those skis sharp and fast.  Check out the schedule below:

November 24th-  Wax and Maintenance

December 15th- Intro to Race Tuning

January 12th- Advanced Tuning

February 16th- Tuning for Spring Conditions

2018 Race Weekend

Join us for the 2018 Race Weekend!

Kick off your season with the experts- all major brand reps will be on-hand and ready to help you sort out what your athlete requires for the coming season. Get your orders sorted and placed before the gear sells out!

All race gear is marked at racer price! No gimmicks, no fake sales- your team athlete gets manufacturer race price on all skis, boots, and bindings!

October 27th and 28th.  Only at Start Haus.

End of Summer Bike Sale


 We’re clearing out bikes making room for our winter stock.  Enjoy 25% OFF all mountain bikes, 30% OFF all road bikes, and 50% OFF all townies.

Up To 80% OFF Select Gear

And to sweeten the deal, we’ve gathered together a garage-sale pile of super discounted gear for pennies on the dollar- Tires, tubes, stems, saddles, and more all at up-to 80% OFF!

Sale starts now – get a move on!

2018 Ski Consignment Sale! COMPLETE


Thanks to everyone who made this one of our biggest consignment sales yet!  We’ll be compiling sales reports in the coming weeks.  Standby for a notification of your credit.

Start planning for the annual Start Haus Ski Consignment Sale! Got skis stacking up in your garage? Bring em down and turn that old gear into new.

Accepting skis now!

Bring us your used or new skis & race suits to get checked in and priced! Choose either 80% store credit or 60% cash and clear out that old gear!

Sale happens over labor day weekend, every year. This is a great way to sell off your old skis & race suits, and shop for either newer used gear or take advantage of our store-wide sale!

Bikes, skis, and more will be on sale for up-to HALF OFF.